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Run like a Kenyan: the Alexander Technique and running.

What have the Kenyan runners got that we haven’t? They make it look so effortless. Maybe they’ve still got something we’ve lost; something natural that we were all born with.

After all, we all knew how to run when we were younger: if you want to see good, natural running in this country watch girls before they reach their teens, before they’ve become aware of their bodies. Or boys before they start to try to look or feel “cool” or “tough”.

How can we get it back? There are eight pages on “how to run” in a book on running I recently browsed – gait, posture etc – but nowhere does it say just to run the way nature intended. And I bet the Kenyans don’t have to read it.

The Alexander Technique gets back the effortless, economic running we had when we were young. This is Tarquin Cooper in the Daily Telegraph:

“The Alexander Technique makes running far easier”
“Amazingly, it’s effortless.”

And Paul Collins, Alexander Technique teacher and Olympic marathon runner:

“I find in my running classes that repetitive injuries disappear, times improve consistently and enjoyment replaces drudgery.”

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