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Peter Nobes qualified as a teacher of the Alexander Technique with STAT in 1993. He originally started having lessons to improve his co-ordination but soon found the benefits were as much mental as physical. After years of teaching people with R.S.I and other work-related problems Peter became interested in how we use our workstations, and gained a qualification in Ergonomics from the European Centre for Health and Medical Science. He founded the South Bank Alexander Centre in 2001. Since 2002 he has taught one-to-one, workshops and at training schools in ten countries in Europe, Asia and North America. In 2013 he started his own teacher-training programme at the South Bank Alexander Centre.

John Cutts After taking a break from teaching in adult education John rediscovered the Alexander Technique and trained as a teacher between 2011 and 2014. Refreshed after a long summer John is glad to offer his services at the South Bank Alexander Centre. John will enthuse about the technique for hours, citing the many changes in his own life it has brought. He is the first to agree it is exciting and “new” despite its more than 100 year history – and it is a skill he loves to teach.

Eve Salomon Following a successful portfolio career as a board member and chair in a variety of sectors, Eve trained as an Alexander Technique teacher at the South Bank Alexander Technique Teacher Training Centre where she now assists and gives private lessons. Eve is particularly interested in the application of Alexander’s principles in organisations and she runs workshops for leadership groups to help them build their presence and awareness through developing their sense of their embodied selves. From her own experience she has found that this enhanced awareness leads to more effective and enjoyable working, and better relationships with colleagues and clients. Eve was first attracted to the Alexander Technique as a way to manage pain after breaking her hip and pelvis in a car accident when she was in her early 20s. Much to her amazement, she discovered that pain relief was just one of the many benefits of learning!

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