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Alexander Centre's Eve Salomon on the Alexander Technique and Authenticity

The recent viral hit of a the BBC interview with Prof Robert E Kelly which was gloriously interrupted by the…

Alexander Centre's Peter Nobes gives advice on "posture" in The Guardian

However the Alexander Technique is not about posture and there are no exercises. Your body knows how to be elegantly,…

Run like a Kenyan: the Alexander Technique and running.

What have the Kenyan runners got that we haven’t? They make it look so effortless. Maybe they’ve still got something…

Does the way you walk reveal your IQ?

We’re not convinced! But the way you walk does say a lot about you, and influences how people perceive you.…

Posture may be key in job interviews

With so many people losing their jobs at the moment, an increasing number of people are having to attend job…

Medical study shows Alexander Technique helps surgeons work more efficiently.

A study in Cincinnati shows how the Alexander Technique helps surgeons work more proficiently and accurately during laparoscopic surgery.


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Tian Garden Acupuncture

Tian Garden Acupuncture are now practicing at the South Bank Alexander Centre.

The Alexander Technique & Third Wave Cognitive Therapies.

Dr Clare Stevenson, Clinical Psychologist, on the Alexander Technique & ‘Third Wave Cognitive Therapies’.

I first came across the Alexander…

The Alexander Technique for Pregnancy and Parenting

By Christie Johnson, Alexander Technique teacher, Temecula, California.

Over 80% of women report back pain in pregnancy. Trying to balance…

New video introduction to the Alexander Technique

This is an excellent introduction to the Alexander Technique:

Five Good Reasons Why Golfers Should Learn The Alexander Technique

“You may not have heard of The Alexander Technique, but this innovative system of movement re-education could work wonders for…

Alexander Technique gives Victoria Beckham her "miracle" improved posture:

‘Victoria has been working hard on getting a straight back and correcting her terrible posture. You can tell that something…

South Bank Alexander Centre recommended in Best magazine

“I’ve had no back pain since the sessions, which is now three months, and I absolutely recommend this. It has…

Actress Alice Anne English on Alexander Technique

“I have found the Alexander Technique and Peter Nobes in particular, amazingly helpful to my acting. One is often told…