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Improve how you look, feel, move and think.

Watch one of these videos, then come for a free introductory session.

The "most effective option" for back pain.

The Alexander Technique and expanded consciousness.

Why the Alexander Technique won't teach you 'good posture'.

We teach

  • one-to-one lessons

  • group classes.

We also

  • train Alexander Technique teachers

  • run professional development workshops for teachers and trainee teachers.


-Linda Travis-

If you would like to find out more about how you'll benefit from the Alexander Technique, you are welcome to come along for a free 20-minute introductory session. Alternatively you can come to one of our Saturday morning "open house" sessions and get some free "hands-on" Alexander work with the senior trainees and with the teachers.

A new edition of Peter's book Mindfulness in 3D has been published.

You can get a copy from Amazon or from us. More information here.


Come and join us for our March 'open house' session. Everyone is welcome, from complete beginner to expert teacher. 

Saturday 14th, 2 to 4:30pm. There is no charge for this.

Our guest teacher is Kajsa Ingemansson, who is flying in from Sweden to join us. She has a background in acting, and her Alexander training is from Marjorie Barlow's lineage.


The February 'open house' session will be on Saturday 15th.  Our switch to the afternoon in January was successful so they will all be from 2pm to 4:30 until further notice.
Come and join us!


Our guest teacher for the weekend will be UK-based Annie Turner. We have never worked with Annie before but we like what she writes about the Alexander Technique, so we're confident she will fit in with the team.

Our January 'open house' session will be on Saturday 18th. Unusually, it will be in the afternoon - 2pm to 4:30. The guest teacher will be Gilles Estran. Gilles has a background in dance and contact improvisation.
Everyone is welcome to come to this session. There is no charge.

Another of our trainees graduated! Kari is going to be teaching Alexander in Bordeaux.

Our next "open house" session will be on December 14th, 11am to 1:30pm. Everyone is welcome.

Our recently-qualified teachers and senior trainees are always looking for new people so they can get some teaching practice. Teachers and trainnes from other backgrounds are also welcome to join in. 

The guest teacher will be Galit Zeif, who is flying in from New York to join us. Galit trained with STAT but is now a member of Alexander Technique International. We have different approaches to teaching the Alexander work. We make a good team!

Two classes:

Thursday November 28th, 6 to 9pm. Mainly for people in pain or with movement issues.

Thursday December 12th, 6 to 8pm. Alexander in activity. Bring your instrument, your voice or monologue. Or your laptop or backpack - anything you would like to use in a lighter, easier, more comfortable way.

Email us for more information about either of these.

One of our trainees graduated!

David is going to be teaching the Alexander Technique in Edinburgh.

We've booked a stall at the Bermondsey Street Festival - Saturday September 14th. 

We'll be giving free "taster" sessions, and selling copies of Peter's book.

Reminder: group class on Thursday 11th.   There are a few places left.

Alexander Technique workshop in France, August 26th to 30th. More information here.
Free Alexander class - July 13th.

Our monthly "open house" session is on Saturday July 13th, 11am to 1pm.
Everyone is welcome, from complete beginners to trainees and teachers.
Our guest teacher will be Galit Zeif.

Our monthly "open house" session is on Saturday July 13th, 11am to 1pm.
Everyone is welcome, from complete beginners to trainees and teachers.
Our guest teacher will be Galit Zeif.

Group class - July 11th.

Our next group class will be on July 11th, 6 to 9pm. Although it is open to all, we usually get a lot of performers.

  • Bring your instrument or your voice, your script or monologue, or your dance routine.

  • Or bring your problems: your back pain; your RSI; your stress or existential angst; or even your "poor posture."

  • Or just bring your curiosity, your open mind and your sense of humour.

Peter's book Mindfulness in 3D has been favourably reviewed in STATNews - the news magazine of the Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique.

"This is a wonderful little book that belongs on everyone's AT bookshelf."

Peter's new video, on how we can get back the wide consciousness and effortless body we had when we were small.

We've just been sent this photo of teachers, trainees and visitors at our September training weekend.

Alexander Technique teachers and trainees

One of our trainees graduated this weekend.

Peter says "I love training Alexander teachers, and the bit I love most is when they graduate and join the teaching team. 
Yesterday I had the pleasure of signing a teaching certificate for Claire. We stood, trainees at one end of the room and the teachers at the other, and invited Claire to cross the room to join us. Claire is an excellent teacher and has embodied the Alexander work."


Claire says "The Alexander Technique has opened my mind and created space for a lot of changes in my life and my work. The AT is a process that teaches non-reactiveness, and a mindful, dynamic awareness that allows me to improvise and enjoy life moment by moment."

Alexander Teacher Training.jpg

We've agreed the dates for our 2019 residential in France: August 26th to 30th. We will be in Abzac - a town north east of Bordeaux, surrounded by vineyards.

Vineyards in St Emillion

Peter's book Mindfulness in 3D - the Alexander Technique for the 21st Century has been well reviewed on

"Thank you Peter Nobes for this important contribution to the AT literature. We finally have a book that speaks the honest truth about what the Alexander Technique actually is. This book is a joy to read."

Mindfulness in 3D


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