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About Us

There are a number of regular teachers at the South Bank Alexander Centre. We also have visiting teachers from around the world.

I am the author of Mindfulness in 3D - the Alexander Technique for the 21st Century.

Since qualifying in 1993 I have taught the Alexander Technique in thirteen countries on three continents.

I have been involved in training Alexander teachers for twenty years and started my own training school in 2013.

I have been a Sponsoring Member of Alexander Technique International since 2005. 

Peter Nobes
Peter Nobes.tif
Eve Salomon

Following a successful portfolio career as a board member and chair in a variety of sectors, Eve trained as an Alexander Technique teacher at the South Bank Alexander Technique Teacher Training Centre where she now assists and gives private lessons.

Eve is particularly interested in the application of Alexander’s principles in organisations and she runs workshops for leadership groups to help them build their presence and awareness through developing their sense of their embodied selves. From her own experience she has found that this enhanced awareness leads to more effective and enjoyable working, and better relationships with colleagues and clients.

Eve was first attracted to the Alexander Technique as a way to manage pain after breaking her hip and pelvis in a car accident when she was in her early 20s. Much to her amazement, she discovered that pain relief was just one of the many benefits of learning!

Claire Nichols
Claire Nicholls.jpg

Claire graduated from the South Bank Alexander Technique Teacher Training in 2018. She is an artist and a Fine Art lecturer at Central Saint Martins.

In her art practice, Claire explores how sculpture, movement and music can connect through improvised performance.

The Alexander Technique has facilitated a mindful and dynamic awareness that allows her to enjoy life moment by moment, and to work in a truly responsive and process-led way.

Brian Holliday
Brian Holliday.jpg

My mission is to give you the ‘understanding’ to solve all your swimming problems and swim further and faster than ever before.


The Intuitive Swimming Method online course will teach you to develop:


• a deeper connection to the water


• a greater awareness of your movement in the water


• conscious control of your thinking in the water


This ‘understanding’ of your swimming is more important than aspiring to have 'perfect' technique.


I use my own approach to the Alexander Technique to bring about this change in your thinking and swimming.



Guest teachers

As part of our teacher training programme we have a visiting teacher, usually from outside the UK, one weekend per month. They are usually available for one-to-one lessons. Watch our News section, or contact us for more information.

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