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We run a part-time Alexander Technique teacher-training programme in central London.

We have one intensive weekend per month. We also have a residential near Bordeaux every summer.


The training leads to qualification by, and membership of, Alexander Technique International. Qualification is qualitative, rather than quantitative – everyone qualifies when they are ready, not after a set number of hours. 

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Flexible and Affordable

We are more flexible and affordable than ‘traditional’ training schools. Our trainees choose whatever hours they want to do, and pay only for those hours. We encourage anyone who wants a teaching certificate to come for all the hours, but some trainees who live out of London only come for the weekends. We currently have a couple of trainees who fly in for the training weekends, one from Rome and one from Malaga.
Some of our trainees don’t want a teaching certificate and come just for the transformational benefits of the Alexander work – sometimes for just a few hours per month.

In our experience the best teachers have been exposed to more than one teaching style. For that reason we have a visiting teacher for the weekends.

Recent guest teachers include

  • Penny O'Connor - UK

  • Barry Kantor - South Africa

  • Cathy Madden - USA

  • Jeremy Chance - Japan

  • Rosa Luisa Rossi - Switzerland

  • Cécile Rist - France

  • Kajsa Inmgemansson - Sweden

  • Galit Zeif - Israel

  • Gilles Estran - France

Guest teachers for the next six months include

  • Catherine Kettrick and

  • David Mills - Seattle, USA

Guest Teachers

Visit the Training School

If you would like to find out more you are welcome to visit. We have an ‘open house’ session on the Saturday mornings, which are primarily so that the senior trainees can get some teaching practice. If you are thinking of training you can arrange to visit at some other point over the weekend. Email us for more details.


Training weekend dates for 2023

  • February 10/11/12th

  • March 10/11/12th

  • April 14/15/16th

  • May 12/13/14th

  • June 9//10/11th

Alexander Technique teachers and trainee

Teacher Training

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